I'm Alejandro Bonilla Rojas, freelance animator, illustrator and designer from Costa Rica.
I've been working as a freelancer since 2014 focusing on directing animation, optimizing production processes, experimenting with new ways to visually explain stuff and collaborating with a production team in whatever spot I'm needed, be it storyboard, illustration or motion design.
From november 2019 to march 2021 I've been working as a motion designer for swiss explainer company Cleverclip where I was part of a wonderful team of creatives tasked with explaining a huge variety of topics for clients all over the world, either with animation, illustration or interactive content. 
Every once in a while I become a storyboard profesor at costa rican Center of Tecnology and Visual Arts
In my spare time I gravitate towards directing animated short films, playing drums and synthesizers and cooking stews.
If you enjoyed my work and wish to know further I'd love to speak with you. You can find me at bonillarojas.alejandro@gmail.com 
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