Nobaweb - Página web exitosa
Direction, design, animation, script and production done in collaboration with Sueter Studio
Sound Design: Juan Carlos Valery Lara
A series of 3 short animations for the digital marketing company Nobaweb, each video playfuly introducing different angles about the complex world of webpage optimization. Videos in Spanish only. Above is video 02, here's the link to video 01 and video 03
Vivamos Mejor
Storyboard - Design. Production at Cleverclip for Vivamos Mejor
Project Manager: Alexandra Ceccinni / Animation: Nart Alkass / Script: Ariane Sehnder / Sound: Sebastian Bender​​​​​​​
The client was looking for a way to introduce themselves and their work through a short animated video. On this project I had the chance to focus solely on the storyboard and design. 
IGE - Begleitete Patentrecherche
Animation. Freelance work for Cleverclip
Project Manager: Rahel Heer / Storyboard: Bea Ramirez / Script: Ariane Sehnder / Sound: Sebastian Bender
Digital video in the style of Cleverclip's scribble videos, a mix of recorded drawing, frame by frame animation and infographics using a simple and effective drawing style. 
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